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Custom Colors


Custom Colors from Vista Finishing™ let's you add color to your designs.

Accent colors can add style and individuality to a design. Kyra David Design demonstrates the effective use of accent color in this Chicago, IL kitchen. We love the selective use of black features with grey cabinetry and white countertops.



How does it work?

We use Sherwin-Williams® catalyzed finishes, backed by our full warranty.

So, just put the Sherwin-Williams® color number and name on your order, and we'll take it from there. For example: SW 6993, Black of Night.

By using the Sherwin-Williams® system we also save you time because we don't have to send you a color proof for you to approve.

Don't have the Sherwin-Williams® number? Visit a your local Sherwin-Williams® store or use their ColorSnap app to find a match.

Our standard gloss level is a very low luster matte finish. If you want a different gloss level just let us know on your order and we will work with you to ensure it comes out right.

Add a pop of color to your designs with Custom Colors from Vista Finishing™

One more way we are bringing you Custom Within Reach™