“We saw it on Instagram…”

“We saw it on Instagram…”

“We saw it on Instagram. Can you do it?” says a customer in a design meeting. We have all heard some version of this. Depending on how big their budget is, it comes with feelings of either delight or dread.

Our customer, Christopher Goldsmith at The Kitchen Kingdom in Louisville, KY recently got this question from a customer. They were on a tight budget, not enough for custom cabinetry. But they insisted on having the hood (pictured above) that they found on Instagram.

Christopher decided to use a combination of high-quality stock cabinetry along with custom items to make it work. Unfortunately, a wide search across the many suppliers came up with nothing. No one had a design like the one in the photo.

So, Christopher turned to us. All he gave us was the screenshot (pictured above), texted from his smartphone. Over the course of conversations and emails, we confirmed details including the size of the range, ceiling height, blower CFM rate, custom color and gloss level.

Then our craftsmen went to work. They made a very faithful interpretation of the inspiration photo, and gave it a catalyzed factory finish to match the stock cabinetry the customer selected.

This photo shows the finished hood before shipping. A high-efficiency blower and fitted liner were shipped with the hood for a complete package and an easy installation.

Here is the kitchen installation in process. The unique range hood adds an attractive and elegant feature to the overall design. Christopher said, “We appreciated the help. The hood turned out great!” He delivered on a tight budget, and with flying colors.  

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