“I need to do this kitchen for less”

“I need to do this kitchen for less”


“I need it do this kitchen for less,” a real estate investor in Cleveland, OH told us. They were renovating a large home and their kitchen budget had shrunk unexpectedly. They had heard about our Custom Within Reach program and hoped we could help.

Their designer had already given them a plan for the kitchen, and they wanted to stick with it if they could. The kitchen was massive – 23 feet by 17 feet with 9-foot ceilings – and it featured 2 islands. After reviewing the designer’s plan, we showed them how they could use high-quality stock cabinetry combined with custom features from VISTA FINISHING to deliver the designer’s vision at a fraction of the cost of custom cabinetry, and at a fraction of the lead-time.

They used cabinetry from Choice Cabinet and turned to us for items in the design that were not available from Choice Cabinet.

For the hood over the 48” range, they wanted an elegant wood hood finished to match the cabinetry. Our Ashley Range Hood was made in a custom size to accommodate the over-size range, local building codes, and tall ceilings. We gave it a pre-matched, catalyzed, factory finish that looked perfect next to the elegant wall cabinetry.      

The crown molding treatment featured a triple-stacked design. It was made using two pieces of standard baseboard molding from Choice Cabinet and coved molding from VISTA FINISHING.

Choice Cabinet is one of the many top cabinet manufacturers available in the VISTA FINISHING pre-matched finish program. We have pre-matched all their paint and stain finishes, so we can provide perfectly matching products that are ready to install at no extra cost and no additional lead time.

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