Create This Designer Look for Less II: Custom Within Reach™

Create This Designer Look for Less II: Custom Within Reach™

Gray Island - Front and Side

How to create this look for less

This time we take you to a leading interior designer in The Woodlands, Texas for a look at an eye-catching kitchen design.

See how create this look for less than custom or semi-custom cabinets with CNC Cabinetry® and pre-finished details from Vista Finishing™.

That's Custom Within Reach™!

Here is a beautiful use of gray painted cabinetry in a white kitchen. In this kitchen by Carla Aston Interior Designer, bold, modern solid hardwood bar brackets add a contemporary touch and break up the visual of the run of wall cabinets lining the backside of the island.

How to create this look for less? Here's what to use. Click on the descriptions below for more information.


Cabinetry - CNC Cabinetry®

Fashion Dove Cabinetry

Style: Fashion
Color: Dove FB22

Modern Bar Bracket - Vista Finishing™

Modern Bar Bracket Dove Gray

10" Contemporary Overhang Bar Bracket Corbel
Color: Dove FB22


Now that's what we call Custom Within Reach™. With Vista Finishing™ you can choose from 1,500 accessories in CNC Cabinetry® colors pre-finished and ready to install.

Have a favorite look you would like us to recreate? Let us know in the comments.

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